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15:10Biden Delivers Remarks On Covid Response | NBC News


  • Good on that landlord for standing up to 'Kier Starmer' and his disgraceful assistants and kicking them out of his pub. How do they have the face to march around a peaceful town causing a disturbance and thinking he doesnt have to answer questions in his position. Some people dont realise his predecessor 'Jeremy Corbyn' was beaten by Boris in the election within the first few MINUTES!

  • The wider implications for me are what caused this girl to pick a knife up to defend herself and was she being bullied? If she was indeed being bullied what was the school doing, what were the parents doing? If she was a strait A honour student as is said then the school and the parents should be bought to task for allowing the situation to get bad. The officer for me did his job he was responding to a situation and turned up to a young lady with a knife pinning an unarmed young lady against a car about to stab her? What would have you done? Say he used a tazer and she still got stabbed? Say the tazer put the young girl into cardiac arrest and she died? This isn't George Floyd the officer did his job.

  • They will all go to jail.

  • I appreciate his vocabulary, especially the NOW he emphazises. By doing so, he underlines the urgency of a moment in time. Thats enough transparency for me... NOW. I now wish he will adress the policing methods as urgently as he adresses the covid: because these laws have been killing people for decades (if not centuries as the white law has ascertained over other folks). And are killing our people NOW. Nobless obliges to upgrade the standards of policing, where Communication has its medal of Chivalry. Sincerely Yours.

  • No one believes this bs.... This was so weak it's disgusting.

  • He will be charged because he is white.

  • I spiked a 102.4 fever after I received the COVID-19 vaccine, I'm fine now.

  • This fcker is multi-million dollars rich. made by HATE..private jet and all etc etc....but lives in a Majority white area....here's clip of Sharpton caught being a drug dealer and then snitching for the police... ischats.info/fun/drSigmJzZnV9iG8/v-deo

  • 11:16 It’s obvious he knows what that is. It’s hard to have conversations with these guys about anything of substance, because they are liars.

  • why not fire at them?

  • The other child’s family should speak up for him, he saved there child.

  • This is pathetic and so unprepared compared to macinanies old press briefings. I know it’s spelled wrong

  • Time to cancel the police union, and you will get more of these convictions

  • Virginia is for stoners

  • Some one needs to take the make up away from this clown.

  • Judyment? It's a Show and the Stablishments are pleasing the masses ⚠️

  • Chauvin's new name Mudd, the whole world hates him.

  • Another sacrificial lamb for the altar of liberalism. Socialism will soon turn into communism here in Granola Land.

  • Kkk in the white house hiding also

  • Shame on you Biden - Harris ... how irresponsible - how foolish .. you refuse to see the damage you have caused .. and Major Damage it is !

  • How could we have achieved 200 million shots with Trump as President? Those vaccines would have ended up in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and anywhere else that somebody in Trump's circle could make a buck and put the proceeds in a Cayman account.

  • People call the police when they need help .. but want to defund and scrutinize police? I am a mother of 4 and honestly was not the best mom but not one of my children would have ever considered grabbing a knife and threatening another with it. If that was my child (may she rip ) of course I would be devastated, I would never turn that sadness to blame on the police that were called from a scared bi-standard. Our country is unrecognizable.

  • Reverse the rolls please. Black cop is a hero for stopping a drugged out wanted criminal.

  • Kkk in the police department that were there Hiding

  • Just imagine different dimensions like there could be someone in a different dimension sitting next to you. And imagine the impact that would have on what our minds and how they can grasp that concept. Our minds are so fixed in our on physics of reality that we can imagine different dimensions. It's crazy.

  • Paid leave what a joke, why were they not arrested for assault.

  • Joe, you’re amazing doing all of that ! If it wasn’t all set up by your predecessor you would look like a bigger bozo than you already do!

  • No dialog needed the videos makes it clear ! Guilty 5yrs. People got more for having a bag of Marijuana and still in prison .

  • Charge Biden with endangering lives of the migrant children by his actions in the White House

  • Jesse's "soul food❣", was the way to their hearts! Shalawam Sis!

  • Let you first instinct not be race. People, no matter their race, are individuals.

  • Nice editing, on the full footage you see the larger girl throw the one in pink onto the bonnet of that car then actually swing the knife straight for her head...then the cop shoots

  • when the black mob started to hear the truth...it started to slow down the crowd lmao

  • Nbc won’t say the number of illegals coming

  • Super Speshie from Wolfenstein is a lawyer after all, huh

  • Why aren’t they telling that thousands have already been placed or sponsored

  • He act like he dont even care kkk this were there Hiding under the police department

  • That cop saved that other girls life, he is a hero she needed in that moment.

  • Is nobody talking about that dog...

  • Every day now gun violence USA stay out other country business You can't even take care of your own home The world is watching America first The only thing i agree with Trump

  • If he shot the women with the knife he did save a life. And that women or girl should speak up

  • When is there going to be a story on the girl that survived or the girl that got kicked in the head?

  • I will never forget this day. I was with my grandma in the Sunset on 46th and Santiago. My mom was in Oakland at her friend’s house and we had no phone or power

  • Stupid cops.

  • How did he know the way to say it when he didn’t learn it or hear it

  • Enact a Federal law that makes killing anyone not armed with a gun or not already physically assaulted and with life threatening wounds a crime equal to first degree murder. These uniformed thugs are cowards.

  • Why just video on black people getting killed by police. How about other race. Other people get killed by police and others. I never see any videos on black cops killing white people or black people. We need to see more different videos. Seems like media just focusing on video that it's only happens to black people only.


  • When did Mrs. Butterworth throw her church hat into the ring....?

  • Chavin looks good in his orange jump suit. His mug shot is Priceless. I hope that he is watched closely so he doesn't commit suicide. I read that his wife has divorced him already.

  • A hero.

  • Wtf was he supposed to in this case, drop his gun and get stabbed too, I'm black so idk that lil girl was out trying to hurt them people, all them men was there before the police they didn't tell her you dont need the knife to fight

  • 1:02:03 these young people are so lost brainwashed and brain-dead ....lord help them!

  • Wtf. This is domestic argument. No need to shoot 3 or 4 bullets towards her!!

  • Did President Biden call for the passing of the “George Floyd justice and policing act?” “George Floyd?” The name of a convicted criminal and drug addict to improve justice and policing? Please give me a break!

  • Daunte Wright is a felon, and resisting arrest

  • Officer shot and killed a black girl or officer saves black girl from knife weilding woman. The media is our only enemy in this country.

  • Floyd was a felon! Remember that people!

  • 10 years from now, how many will own up to being part of Q.

  • There's no way this criminal officers can be free

  • An innocent man is in jail now, Derek Chauvin. Apparently George Floyd couldn't breathe while in the back of the cop cruiser and was heavily resisting. Ingesting Fentenyl is how he died. It must of been a crooked Jury because the Last thing the city of Minnesota wanted was for riots all across the country. There was no indication of bruising on Floyd's neck, what a scam.

  • Why people cry? It’s so stupid, you didn’t know him... so stupid

  • Is the police chief not ashamed of himself being so shameless. So much evidence prove that she knew it was a gun. He actually says that he believes that she made a mistake not even acknowledging that this is a claim she made and he has no evidence of it being true.

  • Why was she lunging at 2 other girls with a knife?

  • daaayum!!! Who counted the NUMBER OF SHOTS FIRED!!!!

  • What in the Jerry Springer is going on here?

  • Us army very affraid with the cops

  • Idiots are being stupid by protesting

  • Disable the suspect. Why murder them?

  • America is falling to woke mobs

  • Follow the law !

  • Johnson & Johnson is having quite a number of challenges with this vaccine venture ..hmnnnnn

  • It's unfortunate, but he save 2 people from getting hurt or possibly killed

  • How many shootings now this month??

  • Yeah ol girl had a knife and was about to stab someone else. Officer was doing his job in this case. Sad but true.

  • 16 year old girl is shot for being stupid. Good job police

  • Trump had a good bond with Modi.

  • So sick of this these race baits. Pathetic ok another level.