Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans On The Rise | NBC News NOW

Birt 20 feb 2021
NBC News' Vicky Nguyen reports on the rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans and the efforts being made nationwide to stop them.
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Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans On The Rise | NBC News NOW


  • We filipinoes are nice and friendly I don't know why there are Americans who do this on our people Filipinoes and Chinese are very different. Chinese have small eyes than us.

  • These People Who Are Attacking Asians Is Gonna To Run Up On The Wrong Asian One Day And Then They Or Somebody Is Gonna To Be Picking Their Teeth Out Of Their Brains Or Their Family Members Gonna To Be Burying Them Cuz They Got Beaten To Death By One Of Those Asian People

  • It's unfortunate. I see what your doing mainstream media. It's strange how all the major news outlets are not reporting the attacks the asian community been doing to another ethnic group. The same group people the asian been exploiting for years, with there nail shop, hair stores, food shop and convenience stores. We all agree violence against someone is unacceptable. But, unlike most people I see the game that play here. Your altering the narrative to achieve your agenda. Your not the only victims of hate crimes. There are some people in America that has suffering far worse brutality and still too this very day their been victimized. Your allowing the media too use these horrendous events too undermine what another group of people been fighting for centuries. You can have what rightfully belongs too other people. Race crimes? Whose committing these "crimes"? Right, the same people that are always used. Oh, and welcome too America.

  • This is so wrong and needs to stop.

  • all lives matter

  • Asian Americans must become more American. Arm yourself. It’s your constitutional right.

  • Nothing but lies, fear mongering on the left trying to sore brownie points and scare my fellow Asians. I'm Asian myself I live in the ghetto of Pittsburgh, and I was never attack for being Asian and Japanese decent

  • because Asian American make covid 19 that why people is anger

    • Nope, it's just China. The one who created the covid19.

  • Does America want to be reminded what Koreans did in the LA Riots?

  • ENOUGH, ENOUGH, TRUMP, TRUMP'S SUPPORT, need to stop attack Asians

  • Homosexual discrimination is not allowed in San Francisco, but Asian discrimination seems to be allowed.

  • And none of the attackers have ever been white.. All of them have been Black. But the media does not want to talk about this

  • They are trying to drag Asians into their racist ideologies media and other miserable people. But it will not work. The Asian people have thrived in every area because they do not absorb those beliefs to lower their standards for themselves or their accomplishments. They are proud people who work hard and respect their cutler and families. Don’t let them infect you with the low standards of racism Asians.

  • I think the reason is Asians always get higher-paying jobs in society

  • Ban foreign black and white coloured people from visiting Asian countries.

  • Lies

  • Assumptions lead to Hate. Hate leads to crime. We were raised not to assume anything of the person. To never judge a book by its cover. Not sure how these racist people full of hate are raised.

  • クッソ危ないことになってんな BLMとは何だったのか

  • Here's the ultimate guide to living the American dream: DREAM, because the only place you'll find it is Dreamland. To access Dreamland, lie down and sleep. If you can't go to sleep, use your imagination. Unlike dreaming, you can control your imagination however you like. Alternatively, try fictional America. You know, books, movies, TV series, ... things like that. Warnings: DO NOT attempt to experience reality. I take no responsibility for a broken heart if you do.

  • #stopasianhate

  • We have no allies

  • 1492

  • If I ever catch anybody abusing an elder ! I will make a prime example out of them what not to do !

  • These racists don’t deserve world peace. When you say world peace meaning you accept others and not hurt anyone just because they are a little bit different.

  • ischats.info/fun/ct1sp3N5ZH-Kc6I/v-deo looks caucasiam to me.

  • The press are not allowed to even speak or write of the perpetrators!

  • wonder why they're not mentioning the race of the attacker... hmmmm

  • Horrible. Who is committing this violence? I suspect it is not MAGAs but the same people commiting robberies and murders. People who commit ,robberies, murders and violent assaults are always full of hate. if you stab someone for their money or their skin color, is one act less hateful? I formerly did research on hate crimes, and as I read these disturbing police reports I came to understand that people that commit violent acts are full of hate and often filled with some self loathing and have emotional problems. It is disturbing to see our dear Asian brothers and sisters attacked.

  • I'm sad as Japanese same Asian 😢 日本人としてアジア人として悲しい‥

    • ヘイトクライムやってるのはほとんど黒人だった。

  • Get ready to learn Malaysian.

  • You folks need to stop drinking the koolaid.

  • Blame it on Wuhan China.

  • Asian, CaucAsian Etc. lives Matter! Babies lives matter!.. All lives matter!

  • Vicky Nguyen is a babe!

  • They are on the rise as the media pushes their narrative of racism as directed by the democratic party. Racism is the democratic party and used as their weapon every time.

  • We Asian Americans should lawfully possess and carry guns to lawfully protect ourselves.

  • Why talk about if nothing never happens get the people who done it 30 years each because when you let stuff get outta hand the unormal become normal... less talking more lock ups 30 years or better

    • Asian love & China people cool

  • And why?

  • Trump is behind of this

  • Trump is a racist piece of sh!t

  • This poor man. Protect Asian lives.

    • Protect ALL lives babies too that want to be born

  • It’s just like put a gun in your own head .. American hate Americans.. no bloodily way I will go to America, 5th world country

  • Hahaha Taiwanese , Hong Kongi love America. OPEN YOUR EYES NOW . Please come to UK and America that what you get 😚😚😚

  • Not only racist but also coward

  • Look like It's much safer to stroll in China than the Racist USA

  • Go back to your Origin America is only for white people I'm sick and tired of hearing this

  • People alleging victimhood, discrimination lawsuit next. Wake up 🇺🇸

  • Surely aisian enter cov19th in americans so that americans hate the asians my opinion i mean that.

    • Not Asian brought covid, it started in China. American traveled there n brought it back possibly? Who knows as you know US gov might be the one.

  • How do you know it’s on the rise? Maybe more ppl are just reporting it now

  • This all political. This is all planned by an organization. Why the asians? Why the elderly who cannot fight back?

  • Biden’s America

  • 🇮🇳 INDIA supports Asian American... FIGHT FOR YOUR DIGNITY AND PRIDE PEOPLES... WE ARE WITH YOU... Racism should end

  • Attack on Asians anime jaeger

  • Cowardly to attack the elderly? Yes, but the perpetrators are animals, not human, so they don't know the difference.

  • I am a Filipino the way I see American is changing the way I see before. Don't let your old friend unfriend you

  • ischats.info/fun/iZOKd56Dqn-doK4/v-deo

  • This offends me, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    • 😂

  • Asian lives matter

    • @A J what a racist thing to say about Hindus & Filipinos. The Asian self hate is real.

    • @luv my folks nah but it def ain’t burnt purple either

    • @A J Your skin color doesn't qualify because it's probably been bleached.

    • @luv my folks apparently not because our skin color doesn’t qualify

    • @luv my folks Yeah we're smart enough to make our own slogans but we don't have any brand recognition.

  • americans in asia: great them joyfully and very friendly to them asians in america:

    • And guess what, you dont hear any news where americans are attacked in asian countries because they are respected yet asians in america is either assaulted, scared or dead. That’s American Dream for you

  • Black American pushing Asian American 🙂

  • I conceal carry I’m not worried 😂

    • Defund Gun Control

  • thank you Trump!🖕

  • This is so sad; I blame Nancy Pelosi.

  • We are in this together?🤔 I agree Asian communityshould of been speaking out when black women was getting 🥋 in their establishment

    • Where were y’all at when they were put in concentration camps or getting their countries bombed by the army? Or when they’re being constantly being targeted for robberies foh you clown.

    • According to them racism doesn't exist but they're reporting comments exposing their anti-Black hatred.

  • The pricey orchid broadly suffer because ronald neurophysiologically apologise notwithstanding a thinkable machine. thundering, minor receipt

  • Stop asian hate pls🙏

  • Im a filipino and if this happens in my country, we will never see any racial involvements. This is a crime, it is just sad to hear that our filipino family overseas are being attacked.

    • @Fox 97 Exactly boss. Adik sa Race ang US. Lahat lahat involved ang race. So hate crime paba to na puro Blacks umaatake sa mga Asians? Hays, stay safe mga Pinoys sa California. Galit sa mundo mga tao dun. 🤣

    • Impossible yan mangyari sa Pilipinas. Di naman baliw mga Pilipino di tulad ng mga taga US.

    • You have no idea ☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • This looked so staged. What reason does someone have to come up and randomly shove an Asian person??

  • These racists went to China Town to attacked older Asian American....that is real racism and hate at the highest level.

  • kaya yung mga pasosyal dyan na masyadong maka us??dpat kayo ang unang makaranas nyan,.yung mga american na nandito sa asia ganyan din gawin nyo sa kanila

  • Some group of people are behind these attacks on Asians.

  • Everyone needs to understand that Asians and Asian Americans in the US have absolutely nothing to do with covid. If anyone believes in the conspiracy theory, then it may be some people living in China. Therefore, everyone please stop blaming or hurting Asians living in the US or other countries. This is just stupidity. Should we blame all Germans because of Hitler? Should African Americans blame all white people because of slavery? Thanks

  • Who are you kidding us? Who are the perpetrators on these videos? What colors these criminals?

  • To those American who Do that kind of action were not educated, they always think they are above all races, but just only know how to speak English

  • This is what happens when people dont grow up in a diverse community. In Long Beach CA this would never happen. Crimes in general sure but not doscrimination against asians.

    • Lol one of those were in New York it doesn’t get any more diverse then that

  • I bet a million dollar that the cops won’t even lift a finger to find the guy!

    • That guy cause all of them have been caught. All of them were charge except the white man who killed the guy

  • There's always consequences. God never sleep, once it was a great nation.. and because of what people did. Violence, crime after crime.. this will be the downfall of america..

  • I say to my fellow Asians... leave USA, bring all your savings and investments into your native countries and let us see....... no wonder there's a BULLET-PROOF Mc Donalds in that part of this world...

  • WTF ..

  • Is there a reason they are only reporting African Americans attacking the Asians?

  • What is wrong with black in America preaching anti racism then turn Hippocratic behaviors

  • Tfw y’all find out it’s Black and Brown people attacking Asians 🤣

    • @Iauna King Everything I said is a fact. The hair and nail salon workers in nyc are assaulted all the time. Because people try stealing their services

    • @Who_dey Gotwins yeah they do tf yall are really just trying to pin minorities against each other. The people in the videos are being held accountable for their actions. They've all been charged except the white guy, he killed one of them and got let free to go. Yall saying that black people are the problem when they're not. The problem is people being racist and anti-asian.

    • @Iauna King Yea you can. You’re proof, because you hate us based on a racial bigotry. The definition by online dictionaries has changed over 100 times in the past 15 years, but it’s all still the same. You’re a brainwashed loser.

    • Exactly they won’t mention that’s who’s doing it

    • @Kevin McNight Also you can't be racist to a white person

  • THIS MAKES ME SICK!!! Is it just me? It seems to me that the attacker's I have seen on TV have something in common besides the fact that they are lowlife scum that need to be put in prision. LEAVE OUR ASIAN AMERICAN'S ALONE!!

  • There’s need to be justice for our Asian American brothers and sisters. These hate crimes need to be taken seriously and recognized!

  • Racist: Go back to your home Reply: Go back to Europe 😂🤣

    • @Kevin McNight obviously it is. Where do you think americans came from. 🤣😂

    • Oh so it's people of European descent doing the hating? The video & crime stats certainly do not support your own racist comments. Typical msnbc idiocy. Blame whitey. Blame Trump. Then sit and wonder why the problem gets worse.

  • My 1st experiences with racism happened in the 1st grade in 1966 my life since then is scattered with isolated incidents of anti-asian racism. 🤷‍♂️

    • We need a new bruce lee

  • while americans visiting asian countries are treated like king and queens we gave what we have in order to them to feel safe and thats what get in return. shame

  • those who hate us Asian go to our country and you'll know your place come here in Philippines I DARE YOU!!! see you😉😉

  • I'm asian and I found this disgusting

  • Justice for Noel Quintana and an African-American who is responsible for beating him.

  • The nazi unprincipled principle is active again,

  • I'm A Asian What's Wrong Being A Asian?

  • i hope Asians are living their American dream

  • Society still doesn't have a response for Asians that can match up to BLM. People don't care enough.

  • "Nunca entenderé el racismo en Estados Unidos, especialmente por parte de los" estadounidenses ", cuando todos son extranjeros o descendientes de extranjeros y no tienen ninguna raíz en los nativos" Estados Unidos ". La hipocresía es simplemente asombrosa"

  • All it takes is one person to stand up, everyone will follow. Don't let anybody do this.

  • So many racist black democrats

  • Those who are committing these crimes against asian-americans need to be condemned.

  • Her hair is a "Hate Crime"

  • Asian hate crimes have existed for a long time. It's actually nothing new. Asians (like myself) just arent brought up in life to whine for decades about how our people have been treated over history.