NBC News NOW Full Broadcast - April 6th, 2021 | NBC News NOW

Birt 6 apr 2021
Day 7 of witness testimony in Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd, politicization of “vaccine passports” could lead to more GOP hesitancy, Mount Everest reopens to climbers despite Covid concerns.
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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast - April 6th, 2021 | NBC News NOW


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  • Fake news selling propaganda

  • And the San Antonio Police department I didn't and I'm a black man half breed and that never happened to me in the San Antonio Police department it was on the call I'm not I'll have to repeat the call or nothing like that cuz I am a police officer and I was in training and it hit me with assisting arrest case only a drug case. It was six officers that responded to the car.

  • call the vote on it to identify which dem's are not on board. you can't make changes unless the opposition is known and given opportunities to express why and what can be done to get them to vote for it. joe should have named names, instead of making a trivial # but then again, he's a politician and can be lying to try and get his own way... i think of joe as being a republican anyhow, or a republican democrat. but at the same time, i appreciate that someone with a different opinion in a party has the courage enough to have their voice heard...even if i find it very frustrating, unconstructive and such... a love hate sort of relationship. but if the concessions are reasonable, it might be the path to go. no more freaking pork people, expose the pork in the bills and lets see what politicians keep their jobs when it comes time to vote for them again.

  • No way the cop goes down, this news is so cherry picked. Actually watch the trial - I bet you'll see the lies

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  • The quoted text is a comment from a person who knew some of the the personal histories of George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: "Derek hated george. They had worked together in the past as bouncer at dance club. Everyone liked george, but nobody liked derek." This fact needs to be aired in the courtroom to make the murder open to a charge of pre-meditated murder.

  • We got to get the all of oligarchs out of government. They have stock in corporations. They don't believe in a $15 minimum wage and they don't believe in corporations being taxed. Corporations don't have dependents who need food and clothing and shelter. Joe manchin is the worst of both. He owns an interest in La Quinta hotels. He don't want to pay the housekeepers a living wage, or give them benefits.

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  • Only showed a part of testimony to fit your narrative, the training officer's testimony was actually not favorable to the prosecution.

  • It would be much easier to understand you without the mask. Stand 6 feet gettin the camera man and talk. Stressful trying to understand but other than that. Great job delivering your message. True professional. FYI lol

  • If I was Biden I wouldn't let this worry me, because when the vaccine is gone it's gone. If they want to be sick and die it's out of Biden's hand!!!

  • Before everyone starts to blame DiSantis for the toxic sipping, think about former city and state officials in the past 16 years... it looks to me they were the ones hiding it for that long!

  • I bet trump didn't get the shot. He's the type of guy that loves to go against the grain. He also thinks he's superman. The team ought to move out of Texas. Those politicians think that they are a country of their own. People always find a way to get around those road blocks the government puts down amonst the people it will hurt the most.

  • They need a example put someone on the ground and do the move on that individual

  • I will get the vaccine once I am well from my surgery. I will not get the one from Astra Senceca.

  • People in the positions at the Whitehouse hold no weight with me. I lost respect for our government and the justice department from the brass to the lower class. They lie through their teeth and ruin lives for their own benfit.

  • Like said the only thing cop is guilty of is the knee on the neck ... I close my fist and put pressure on the side of my neck and just on that ifelt discomfort so imagine almost full weight

  • ischats.info/fun/fNiaamVkYZSdoGc/v-deo

  • ischats.info/fun/fNiaamVkYZSdoGc/v-deo

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  • While all these distractions are going on they are pushing all those voter suppression bills. I guess when all the distractions are over they will be passed.nThen it´s bye-bye American voter rights. Welcome to the 1800s and the 1960s !!!

  • Florida - Figures.

  • Mansion is not a democrat! He's a republican spy!

  • We need more democrats on the Senate! That way Mansion won't matter!

  • Duty Of CARE cannot overcome republican stupidity.....let them catch the virus, then they can ask their liar-in-chief for money to go to hospital.

  • Let’s blame it on African Americans so we can protect the real people at fault

  • Oh so this is why we keep having red tide in Florida has nothing to do with Mother Nature it’s our government not protecting us.

  • If you want the idiots to take the vaccine then simply make it a ton harder for them to get it. The second they think you are trying to prevent them from getting it they will demand it. They are basically a bunch of people that never grew up... you need to treat them as such.

  • Joe you are a joke and disgrace to your family and country why don't you go over to the Republicans cause that's who you are on the take also

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  • Side note to inequity in pay = In 1982, the President of UCSC myself and others, spent 4 days in San Francisco trying to have the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) passed which would have made it illegal to pay men more than women for the same job. In 2021 it's still ok to pay men more than women. WTF !!! is wrong with this nation? Does the next law say women can't show their heads like Muslim laws or OMG! She's showing her ankles! What fearful attitudes GOPers hang on to in desperation of change. What babies in suits American's have become.

  • Oh Mr. Rachael Maddow spilled the beans last week.... she claimed while Republican voters are ruminated Dr. Suess being cancelled, that the Dumbocrats DO NOT WANT bipartisanship, THEY WANT RECONCILLIATION & EXECUTIVE ORDERS! SO THEY CAN BANKRUPT AMERICA & change our way of living... anything goes. ALL for GREED & POWER

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  • @33:00 GOP is advertising "The Help" pie as done completely right without saying whats deep inside.

  • Hmmm, there will be toxic fish for dinner soon in Florida ... :-( 🙄

    • Once again, man screws up his own backyard. And once again, I have to admire how man tells us he's a god (Buda, Allah, JC) but scratches his head in confusion when disasters hit.

  • So the next time a rogue officer is killing a human being in the streets according to the defense the crowd must be more docile than the one that was filming the murder of Mr. Floyd. Their logic is horrendous.

    • Those are the words of a desperate Defense.

  • NBC guests are plain stupid.

  • Greed will destroy humanity.

  • Manchin is on a Real Ego Trip...

  • It's divisive politically or not WHO doesn't recommend them either it's only the CDC who want to feel important and want a scape goat for their complete failure!!

  • texas politicians is so corrupted. they really want to go against CEOs of businesses whom funds them?

  • ??? Great News

  • They don't want to pay more in taxes as a fair amount based on their net worth. Yet poor people are not paid a living wage and they often don't qualify for government aid. If they do the amount they get is a joke.

  • 10lbs of crap doesn't fit in a 5lb bag.

  • And that's the Republican way

  • You can blame your politicians this is why you have red tides High pollution levels in Florida destroying your public beaches destroying your your land because your governor and your Senators allow them to do dumping into your oceans into your water you need to start testing your drinking water you could end up like Flint Michigan


  • Republicans have no priorities except tax cuts.

  • awesome, unsightly addition

  • You're right conservatives, the vaccine is a hoax. Save it all for the democrats! Already not too many conservatives around, why not lose a few more....

  • Jurors made mind up after 1st day

  • Loosers

  • Morning everybody!!

  • DOh. BOO HOO the jurors are "having to sit there." Let's remember why we are here, folks.

  • Why are you wearing a mask outside guarantee your 6' feet away from your team ridiculous stop making it political get real 🤔

  • God Bless President Joe Biden, God Bless America and its Democracy! Finally leadership we can have hope and believe in!!

  • I wonder who is going to pay for the mess in Florida.

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  • cruiselines chicken boxes better close down forever, the biggest polluters of our oceans and ports.

  • Fake fake news🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Read between the lines the trial is BS they are trying to justify the murder by posing what if assumptions while ignoring the main and most important point, a grown fit man was cuffed behind his back before being tortured to death in the worst way possible, George Floyd was treated like a wild animal that was put down in a cruel manner, nothing can justify his painful murder,

  • It doesn't help. Get fda approval. Make the manufacturers liable. Don't lie for 5yrs about everything and expect people to trust you.

  • Wearing a face mask on camera is about as ridiculous as it gets

    • You have no idea who is off camera. No doubt about that at all. These doctors and nurses and reporters are doing a job you are afraid to even talk about like a responsible adult. Obviously, you don't know anyone who has died from this preventable virus. If you do, it proves your callous and depraved indifference. Congratulations.

  • Didn't Trump cut EPA Funding?

  • Police use of force is no surprise to African Americans. It’s been going on for decades. You have bad cops who make the good officers look very bad. I know there are a few good officers, and that’s only a few.

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  • IF that is not a maneuver that they are trained to do then why is it that 4 cops knew what to do with that move? Also that same move was used on other people in other videos by cops from different states. Hmmm strange it is not a dpt taught move that all the cops seem to use.

  • dont show the whole video!

  • The Officer that killed Floyd if found guilty is not the only one that is responsible, he was taught that move by the Police Dept. and they all use that move. They are all responsible for this. Also I find it disturbing that When a governor of a State tells the Sheriff's to enforce a mandate and they refuse his order....it makes me wonder then who do they answer to? If they can tell the elected leaders of a state to pound sand then who is their Boss? Think about that people.

  • Propaganda masters.

  • George floyd was a pos

    • Even a POS does not deserve to die without a trial.

  • Experts don't have information about the outcome of every infection. However, early estimates predict that the overall COVID-19 recovery rate is between 97% and 99.75%.

  • \\\\\ Probabilities of 35 countries, of 113 studied, to survive the corona/variants ///// SNGP 0.05- MNGL 0.11- BUT 0.11- QTR 0.17- MLDV 0.27- UAE 0.32- ERT 0.30- TLND 0.32- BHRN 0.36- MALAS 0.37- CYM 0.39- ICL 0.46- CURC 0.55- FG 0.54- CUB 0.55- SYCL 0.56- SVNC 0.57- SLNK 0.63- CYP 0.64- NRW 0.68- SMRT 0.72 ISR 0.75- USB 0.75- BORA 0.76- UGN 0.82- GHN 0.83- EST 0.87- SRB 0.88- TRK 0.92- ARU 0.93- URG 0.93- TWN 0.95- ANDR 0.95. Non inclusive list of WHO-JHU COUNTRIES, Apr 7/21, reordered by CORONA DEATHS RATES gradient-up and trended for up to 5 months./

  • Mr. FLOYD and Mr. Chauvin are not strangers .🤔

  • Half of Americans say the issue of made-up news and information is a very big problem facing our country, ranking it ahead of a number of other major national concerns. Majorities think it is negatively impacting our democratic system and societal functions.

    • Do you have any ideas about who is doing that? I surely do. They are caught espousing mendacity on a daily basis, yet their audience denies the consensus. Perhaps it is way past time to reinstate the fairness doctrine. No doubt about that at all.

  • Nobody tell them that they work at night together sometimes.

  • Ridiculous that politicians should have authority and control over such a precious thing as the environment. That's like putting a kleptomaniac in charge of closing the bank vault every night.

    • The companies who created the slurry in the first place have not been held accountable.

  • I would describe the jury members are subjected to a cruel form of torture having to sit long hours listening to boring testimony.

  • Your facts are incorrect, 11,000 cases was over 2 days Saturday and Sunday. Fear-mongering.

  • ischats.info/fun/pqWKdqCDeoavqow/v-deo z

  • Tyquan vs kabu wish me luck



  • jurors look uninterested because they made up their minds already

  • The member of the jury that had fallen asleep... would not have fallen asleep if Mr. Floyd was that persons some! How disrespectful! That was a pure lack of humanity… That person should be disqualified from being on the jury!

    • @The Podhub Thank god you didn't try to change our minds from worrying about ghosts/the devil arriving in a UFO or some other childish word salad throw at us from some GOP, horn wearing lunatic. Re: Soap...LOL

    • That's not how that works though. Lack of stimulation in a resting position for prolonged periods of time, causes the brain to release the hormones that induce sleep or drowsiness. It's an Evolutionary adaptation we developed as a result of our brains being the gas guzzling muscle car of the animal kingdom. They are extremely high performance, but in terms of caloric intake, and our bodies resources, they are also extremely high cost. The nod-off response helped reduce the minimum caloric intake requirements for our ancestors by allowing them to power down that resource guzzling HEMI-brain during scenarios deemed "low-risk" or low stimulation. It might have even spurred the entire concept of "guard duty" or "sleeping in shifts" to keep a look out. By sleeping or resting whenever we weren't in immediate danger, we were able to designate individuals in our group to stay awake while the others rested, which no doubt played an extremely vital role in shaping who we became as a species.. ALSO, We are FAR less likely to engage in conflicts with other members of the group, if we're unconscious. So, in a time before ISchats existed, when 2-3 generations of a family were all living in one cave, and soap wouldn't even be thought of for another 2-300,000 years, its probably the ONLY reason we didnt murder each other into extinction.

  • I will be granted justice at the end of the month for my own police brutality case. Im not sure what that is going to look like yet. I was told yesterday findings of guilt will be made against the cop tgat hurt me and I can start thinking about writing a victim impact statement and find a lawyer to assist with a settlement or recompense.

  • So if the jury isn't paying attention, stop wake them up! Wtf is that against the law?

  • I wish they would stop unconsciously aiding them in the coverup under Lord Cheato's administration's EPA official. (No. Im not concerned about LC himself. He likely has no idea. But his EPA officials under his administration are serial offenders in this context) Its PFAS. It's already increased and extremely elevated numbers of high exposure within the city and ground water. The real reason so many state leaders arent implementing mask mandates or COVID19 guidelines is cause they know that their population is already highly exposed from the deletion of the waterway regulations that prevented them from improperly dumping the Perflorbinated compound byproducts in those states during the toddler's term, in order to get campaign funding through the stockmarket giants that are responsible for the contaminants. Those exposed periods have likely allowed for easier and more severe manifest of infection and deadth and likely significant negative rate of protection from jabs in spread. They are trying to give other reasons as to why the numbers are high and put it on the people, rather than the corruott leaders making $ gain on the wellness of their pops. Theres no accident in the same high exp. Areas also being the places where guidelines arent being enforced... TX, FL, SD, NYC, SoCal, Seattle.

  • hi Ms. Alison you are superb anchor, golden voice...stay safe. Love you po.

  • Shaquille 👍🏼👍🏽

  • Dumb idiots are traveling here in Michigan.i know of three people who went to Florida in the past month. Plus, we have a ton of anti maskers. That is why are numbers are up so high.

  • QATAR killed 6500 migrant workers building WORLD CUP stadiums. BOYCOTT QATAR FIFA GRAVEYARD WORLD CUP!!!!!

  • Uh.....except when the GOP wants their campaign donations. Lies are not something the GOP should accuse others of in recent times. Don't get me wrong, I am an Independent voter and have voted on both sides of the party line. However, the last 4 years have been hard for me to watch. I think ethics, morals and respect are important when your job affects the American people. The loud disrespectful tone I witnessed under the last administration made me sick. Obviously, if you read the new voting laws in some states including my own state, it slants in favor of people of privilege and that is voter suppression.

  • 2:45 was that a gunshot?

  • It seems to be the same case of crime as President Kim Young-sam, a South korean criminal, and Kim Hyun-cheol, his son. It is the same crime as Kim Young-sam and Kim Hyun-cheol of South korea, who committed evil crimes of abuse of authority by using the 'National Intelligence Service' of South korea. Investigate how President Biden and his son of the United States are using the CIA and FBI. 한국의 범죄자인 김영삼 대통령과 그의 아들인 김현철과 똑 같은 범죄의 케이스인 것 같다. 한국의 국정원을 이용을 하여서 직권남용의 악한 범행을 저지른 한국의 김영삼과 김현철과 같은 범행이다. 미국의 바이든 대통령과 그의 아들이 CIA와 FBI를 어떻게 이용을 하고 있는지 집중 조사를 하여라. Of course, do a public investigation and put him in jail. This case is about the rise and fall of the United States. Impeach the president, the father of the criminal. naturally 물론 공개 조사를하고 그를 감옥에 가두십시오. 이 사건은 미국의 흥망이 결정이 나는 일입니다. 범죄자의 아버지인 대통령도 탄핵을 하십시요. 당연히

  • The George Floyd case shows that the US has the world's worst record for human rights abuses both domestically and internationally.. The burning, shooting and looting that happened last year wasn't BLM or Antifa. It was thieving Americans from both the left and the right. Extremism within the US police and military ranks maybe why US troops have been stationed in Germany for 76 years since 1945. Is the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act being updated in real time from this online trial?

  • Pfizer should write on the box the contents of the poisonous substance, and the entire composition. How nicotine content is written on cigarette boxes

    • @Jennifer Rae The poster is busy stroking his guns, while watching FOX. Bible Thumper poster.

    • that is widely available information for all vaccines. "The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine includes the following ingredients: mRNA, lipids ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, and cholesterol), potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose."

    • @Jennifer Rae lol wow

    • Poisonous?

    • Nice 232 comments bro 👍😂