Utah Law Requires Biological Fathers To Pay Half Of Pregnancy Costs | NBC News NOW

Birt 7 apr 2021
Utah has become the first state to legally mandate prenatal child support by requiring biological fathers to pay half of pregnancy costs. Under the new law, an expecting mother can elect whether the father has to share the cost, but critics worry it could escalate domestic abuse.
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Utah Law Requires Biological Fathers To Pay Half Of Pregnancy Costs | NBC News NOW


  • They should also require this in all states! The battle should be brought up in child support court. Also the child's medical bills after birth up until 18 or first degree for college. Jail time force work program. We also need to get this for illegal immigrants to.

  • Can it be retroactive like 30 years ago

  • YOU STILL HAVE families with multiple wife's (though not recognized civil unions), they have large number's of children. They've been sucking up taxpayer dollars for free medical care, food stamps, WIC, welfare, because legally they aren't married. Why do I have to pay for their lifestyle choice? HOW ELSE TO YOU THINK they can afford it?

  • while we're at it let's make financially illiterate spouses pay for the credit card charges they personally charge against a spouse's account......

  • Asking for payments from the biological father gives him custody rights which may not be best for the child.

  • About time. 👍

  • 👍

  • Make illegals pay for their childrens birth. Why don't they start with that one?

  • First question for the Doc: How many stair cases are there?

  • Condoms are always cheaper.

  • Let all the petty drug dealers out of jail, make space for these dead beats. Pieces of garbage.

  • A man who won’t pony up for his part should go to jail. A man who doesn’t have a good reason for not taking care of his kids The way they can pay their part, if they refuse, is jail. Making license plates.

  • Utah needs to adopt the law from Colorado - they don't mess around. Prove the father and they hunt down the SOB and haul him to court and jail if he does not pay. It worked great for my two daughters- my first husband wriggled out of child support for 13 years until I moved to Colorado - he got a wake up call after he went to jail.

  • Good! This is a law that was a long time coming. Women need to hold the fathers accountable for their choices.

    • Yes what happened to those fathers who takes care of a child that the mother claims that is his, only to find out that he is not the father, like we say everyday on the these talk shows,

  • THANK YOU!!!!

  • This dumb what about the women who don’t who they’re child’s fathers are?

  • We could just give our citizens healthcare. In every “civilized” country, childbirth is free.

    • Childbirth isn't even a health problem, so why should health insurance be available to cover it? We might just as well give our citizens hail damage insurance and call it health care.

  • Some babies don't,t come from fathers.some come from fallen angels. Men watch out.

  • It's about time

  • Child custody should be 50/50 and parents should pay half of all of children's bills including pre-nantal care.

  • What happens if biological fathers declare themselves transgender women? Do they still retain their biological identity under this Utah law? Are these women now responsible for payments that only apply to biological men?

    • They would still be a biological parent, having contributed half of the DNA

  • I love it.

    • @steph not really sure who you are referring to Karen.

    • @northsouth yes. That is what people do. How do you not know that?

    • I'm sure you do... Cant do nothing without that child support hustle

  • Unless there is acceptable mitigating reasons a grown man who will not pay half the cost, that man should go to jail. Grow up.

  • That might help the multi-husband/wives of the Mormons who have 8-18 children, pay the Bill. Stop living off the Tax Payer. lol

    • Yes people keep missing that. Only the first wife is legal and the 7+ other wives get welfare while the state never recoup that. Nope if you want multiple wives/women you should be able to full take care of all their needs with out the state

  • Great contraception.

  • What? They should pay 100%

    • @Sallie C but that’s not accurate DNA unless the child is actually born

    • @S H there’s a paternity test they have to take to claim

    • Not if you don’t know who your child’s father is

    • Sure Sallie Karen. We will pay for the childbirth, pay for child support, pay for your house, and then you can call yourselves an independent woman. While you refuse to allow to see our children. You could wake up and realize that every civilized country has free healthcare.

    • lol

  • Seems fair, props for the law👏👏

  • No words

  • Oh yeah, like this isn’t going to lead to more problems. Lol

    • NOT for the mother or child

  • First!