Gym Closures And Pandemic Stress Are Taking A Toll On Mental Health | NBC News NOW

Birt 22 feb 2021
Gyms were among one of the first businesses to close when the pandemic hit, and half of them still haven’t reopened. Owners are saying without federal relief they will be out of business for good as customers are feeling physical and mental effects of not being able to work out.
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Gym Closures And Pandemic Stress Are Taking A Toll On Mental Health | NBC News NOW


  • screw a gym. what about the basketball courts? all boards no rims. :(

  • Its simple folks.... Divide & Conquer

  • 512,590 takes the US well over the grim half a million Covid death milestone. After 12 months New Zealand has suffered 26 Covid deaths. New Zealand proved social distancing, hand washing and wearing masks saves lives. Trump's "Do nothing" pandemic strategy is written down in history as America's biggest failure.

  • US Media need to interview New Zealand and Taiwan pandemic experts. CDC briefings would benefit from zoom connected global advisers. Covid variants = US has 10 variants, UK 2, South Africa 1, Brazil 1 and China 1. 2020 the virus possibly originated in China. 2021 there is no debate the virus is from US.

  • The republicans don’t want to pass A bill for the Americans gym owners

  • You don't need a gym to workout

  • Lockdowns don’t work, this is only a problem in blue states and cities, everybody else is fine, that’s why people are leaving blue cities and states like crazy because they’re so dysfunctional

  • I've been doing virtual travel on ISchats. There are a lot of vids providing walk throughs of various cities and museums and other stuff. Am getting a little crazy though. Could use some time outside.

  • "It's just not the same as sweating next to someone." 🤢🤮

  • You dont need a gym to workout. How are people suffering and claiming they cannot exercise because their gym is closed uh you have an entire body you can use as your weights

  • Go have a walk outside?

  • There is no covid 19 Wake up.trp/ biden are actors Reading scripts

  • Spoiled people miss their treats.

  • As a cyclist and mountain climber, nothing screams First World Problem like, "I need my gym for exercise and mental health!"

    • Screw the gymrats and their wining..... One can workout at home, easily. A person can make a little makeshift home gym in the garage, with a few dumbbells, and do pushups and situps on the floor. DUH! ..... Get a clue!

    • Agree


  • A lot of the gyms in my area don’t even require wearing a mask, they aren’t even try to do their part to help.

    • @Kingston Angel Awesome! Took roughly 15 minutes but it worked!!

    • not sure if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Just google for it :D

  • Go to your local Ranch they'll work you out

  • Asterisk elect Joe's failed covid plan has cost 100,000 Americans lives as they have ALL died under his dementia riddled watch. The #1 and the #2 states with the HIGHEST Covid deaths are CA & NY, each are failed Democrat Super Majorities. Each state is riddled with rampant poverty, illegal immigration, homelessness, and ranked among the absolute WORST Public Schools in the Nation. The rest of your moronic diatribe is as empty as a New York Nursing home. For which your leftist hero Cuomo will hopefully be charged with 49,000 counts of Negligent Homicide. But nice attempt to blame this on anyone but the failed left, antifa lover

  • Whoosies

  • I'm sorry but gym is NOT a necessity. (I'm sure some will "attack" for my statement) Everyone i know, including my family & neighbors, have added on to our collection, so that we can work out at home. NONE of us would even entertain the idea of going into a gym. But then again -- I, HONESTLY, can't understand why people get so upset/ down, just because you can't get out. I enjoy being around people. Yet at the same time, I truly enjoy being alone or just with my kids/ immediate family. Some things I'll just NEVER understand...

    • @President Elect Keith You don't get obese from lack of exercise, it's what you put in your mouth. And if people gain weight from not finding creative ways to exercise, at least they're alive to work it off.

    • Ohh yea OBESITY is "hot" now...............

  • Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • community gym's... jeez folks, go outside and do something...

  • It's called being an adult, and being responsible...

  • Keep voting DemocRAT Dopes.

  • 500,000 DEAD people paid the maximum toll. Ask their families about mental health. Not being able to go to the gym crashing you is just you not dealing with your issues. Get some perspective.

  • Anybody with even half a brain knew all this on day one.

  • You can workout at home and outside lol

    • @Swanee Thank you !!

    • Not everyone has the space or adequate environment to work out at home.

    • But how are peple going to know when I work out?

    • I mean at home, unless you have money and can get a treadmill and decent resistance equipment you are not going to have the workout a gym offers, and outside you can only jog or bike.

    • Exactly

  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

  • Boo Hooo