Use Of Force Policies A Focus In Chauvin Trial | NBC Nightly News

Birt 6 apr 2021
Lt. Johnny Mercil, who oversees the Minneapolis Police Department’s use of force training, testified that Chauvin’s restraint of George Floyd was not authorized, and that officers should “use the least amount of force necessary.”
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Use Of Force Policies A Focus In Chauvin Trial | NBC Nightly News


  • Boy Chauvin looked distracted...By playing Pococket pool that is!!

  • It's the crowd that killed Floyd once he overdosed. According to the trial EMT witness they had to move Floyd out of the location because crowd was getting violent so they lost valuable time. Also he did not put his knee on his neck, he put it on his back which was revealed by a different camera angle. Of course is this was a real news channel they would've reported it.

  • Turns out he followed instructions to the T. I hope he sues everyone once this is over. The City, The Media etc.

  • no matter what the vote ,,the rioters have been preparing themselves,, for a mostly peaceful riot .....sorry sorry ..protest fault .... i meant protest ....

  • "Appeared to be sleeping.....and yawning".

  • one thing the court is forgetting to mention so far is that chauvin was no strainger to Floyed. He had a history with him Chauvin was fired at a club that floyed worked at too before covid............I smell motive.

    • You probably smell bad, too.

    • If you couldn't tell, uncharacteristically the MPD is trying to distance itself optically from chauvin right now. They have to because if they back him up in any way their department could be exposed to possible investigation. Such as a harder look on shooting incidents involving him which led to the death of 5 people over his career and 22 complaints of brutality, also has habit of turning off body cam, at crucial and questionable moments

    • I hope they bring it up but they probably won't

  • It's clear the whole force has left their buddies to rot. If the case wasn't as publicised and straight forward, they'd have closed ranks and rigged it, like they usually do.

  • The George Floyd case shows that the US has the world's worst record for human rights abuses both domestically and internationally. The burning, shooting and looting that happened last year wasn't BLM or Antifa. It was thieving Americans from both the left and the right. Extremism within the US police and military ranks maybe why US troops have been stationed in Germany for 76 years since 1945. Is the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act being updated in real time from this online trial?

  • Don't break the law and cops won't show up

    • Don't put a knee on the neck and cops won't go to jail

  • Systemactic Racism at it's best. Pure out murder in the first degree. When they hung Jesus Christ on the Cross for being God's son. Wake up America.

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  • Not the first time officers (or civilians for that matter) have claimed to feel “threatened” by someone with a camera. If you feel “threatened” by a camera is that not basically an admission of guilt? Why else would you feel threatened?

  • This “defense” is so ridiculous. Like he just so happened to “overdose” at the exact moment he was obviously being suffocated to death on video. If Chauvin isn’t convicted of 2nd degree murder I will have officially lost all faith in the American justice system.

    • @Randall Sanchez They literally put him in one side and pulled him out the other. The argument that he was “never fully in the vehicle” is ludicrous. Not to mention Chauvin had 17 prior complaints of using excessive force. He should have been fired before this ever even happened.

    • @DarthIke77 Wow, pulling the "omg Fox bad" card when that's not even true. They tried to get him into the SUV. He sat on the edge but claimed he had claustrauphobia. They then tried to force him in. He said out loud "I'm going to the ground" and dropped himself to the ground to avoid getting inside. He never fully got into the vehicle only partially. Many sources show the vid in full not just the mainstreams.

    • @Randall Sanchez factually incorrect. He was in the back seat prior to being pulled back out and pinned to the ground. Watch the full video not just the re-edited one Fox News showed you.

    • @DarthIke77 Sorry mate but all of those nice tools can't be used unless the crowd rushes them and they get the opportunity to use them. Pepper spray isn't much help against a crowd on top of you. He never got into the squad car. He started resisting heavily when they tried to get him in. The EMT's didn't physically force him to remove his knee. You're looking at a video without looking at the evidence. With no proof of strangulation noted by the medical examiner then he didn't choke to death. However, with proof of a heart attack suddenly we have reasons to be suspect. Especially with drugs involved, Floyd being Covid positive, and his prior heart disease.

    • Medical examiner stated there was no strangulation nor asphyxiation. Floyd had eaten drugs at another arrest to destroy the evidence and almost died from it. Eating drugs is a common way criminals attempt to destroy or hide evidence. So Floyd ate his speedball of drugs, the drugs took a few minutes to kick in, and he died. Fentynal being the biggest issue as it suppresses the bodily functions such as breathing. Meth being a major stimulant would have caused the heart to race. A combo would lead to a heart attack, of which Floyd would died from.

  • Lmaooo sleeping juror.

  • The FIRST thing I learned in Arrest, Search and Seizure class is to ALWAYS use the minimum force necessary to maintain control.

  • Love it that the jury’s already made the right choice they be like ‘we got proof before we were selected nighty night’

  • They should've cuffed George Floyds feet and zip tied Floyd in a fetale position so the officers cannot be in fear of getting their teeth kicked in or head butted. I think the officers thought he can handle it. The problem was the method to transport, but then we wouldn't get BLM uprisings if everything was done properly. The creators of Earth decide what should happen and no one can stop it. From winning jackpot lotteries to being negative examples like these, whatever they select, everyone has to deal with it including all those directly involved.

  • 0:26

  • He gave him the fake $20 bill. He should be ashamed of himself.

    • @Know The Truth Family it was part of the cause. He gave it to him in the store after the cashier rejected and I bet Floyd didn’t know the bill was fake. When the police was killing him where was this friend? He reappeared after Mr. Floyd was dead. He was trying to get into Mr. Floyds car. He obviously didn’t care about him. Of course the cops killed an innocent man. But his “friend” got him into some sht and didn’t even check on him. I would be mad at my friend.

    • Yeah because a fake 20 dollar bill was a threat to police.. Pfft 😅

    • A fake 20 dollar bill is not worth someone dying and screaming for their passed away mother @Tay Tay 😮

    • No man should die in any hazard like this.

  • Rest in peace, George

  • This man Chuvan shows NO Remorse at all, HE ACTS LIKE HE IS A WITNESS

  • first time in HISTORY have that many officers testified against their own. wow

    • @Roland Kennedy I think she’s right that many officers??? I lost count

    • Not the 1st time. But will be the first time you get get a law 101 class at the end

    • @PrimRoseD... man grew up in the city of Detroit and you call him a token. If that's the case, everyone you disagree with is a token.

    • @Muddy Water what you did right there is called, tokenism. Look it up. #themoreyouknow

    • @Muddy Water that’s cuz it’s not based on color and politics good point

  • If Chauvin was so “distracted by the crowd”, then why didn’t he listen to them and get off Floyd’s neck and check his pulse?

    • By the way it's the crowd that killed him once Floyd overdosed. According to the trial EMT witness they had to move Floyd out of the location because crowd was getting violent so they lost valuable time.

    • Thank you

  • Chauvin is taking notes as a nervous reflex. He's probably writing down nothing.

    • Yeah I think it could be something like that. I remember during the Jodi Arias trial she wrote for about half of it. And drew pictures haha

  • Each day the guilt of the ex officer becomes more evident.

    • @keepit kawaii former workmates. gives chauvin motive

    • @Dendroaspis Polylepis Yeah I remember reading something about them knowing eachother previously. I've had a hard time following much of it because the video was traumatic/hard to watch

    • keepit kawaii i mean they worked in the same place so they may have had serious issues with each other, honestly while i understand theres cops that use more force based on race, i doubt this specific incident was purely about race, anyways whatever the reason, chauvin needs to pay

    • What I'd like to know is why? Why did he target George? This was an intentional murder. Was it purely race related, or something more personal? I'm not saying George deserved it by any means because he didn't. I want to know why, and then I want him to suffer the same fate that Mr.Floyd had to.

  • For a fake $20 bill?

    • @Akitsu Maru yep. They need little to no reason.

    • Whatever reason these pigs need to harm black people. Could've easily been J-walking.