Fact Checking Texas’ Proposed Voting Bill, How It Compares To Georgia’s | NBC News NOW

Birt 7 apr 2021
Texas is considering a bill that would be similar to Georgia’s new voting laws, though Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick said “nothing has changed” for mail-in ballots, Election Day or early voting. NBC News’ Jane Timm fact checks what the Texas voting bill will actually do.
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Fact Checking Texas’ Proposed Voting Bill, How It Compares To Georgia’s | NBC News NOW


  • So make it illegal to companies to donate or gibe gifts to politicians. That’ll help the politicians keep corporations out of politics

  • How are people cashing them stimulus checks with no ID??

  • Did the Texas government resolve ANY of the public power supply issues yet? How about ERCOT? How about weatherizing our infrastructure? No, No, No, and No Did they restrict voting even more? Yes Shows you where their priorities are - not exactly working for the people are they.

  • Why don't they put it on a ballot and have a special election for the people of the states involved instead of the legislature making rules and voting on them behind closed doors without the input of the people. Let us see how many people that we can gat not to vote.

  • I don’t believe anything coming out of NBC.

  • 2 years notice to get a DMV ID (walkers or drivers ID), find (and get to) your poling place with a bottle of water. Some people are saying that people of certain skin colors can't do this with 2 years notice? And no one is offended by this?

  • All business who care our democracy need to move their business from Texas.

  • What he means is “stay out of politics unless you support us”. 😂

  • Governor Abbott announced this legislation in Houston, so this huge, diverse, Democratic leaning city and county would know we were the enemy. Originally, early voting was extended by Abbott . Do motvremind him. Innovations here met legal challenges; photo ID was shown for all in person voting, per Texas law. 24 hour voting took place briefly, with a location in the Texas Medical Center where extreme shifts are worked. Final details are being worked out but I know of one change to voting by mail. County clerks will not be allowed to send ballot request forms to those meeting Texas requirements to use them. Like me. A few years ago, our Republucan county clerk sent me a letter informing me I was old enough to vote by mail. And enclosed a ballot request form. Republucans know that, the more Texans vote, the more Democratic votes are cast. In 2022, Dan Patrick and other Republicans holding statewide offices are up for reelection...


  • The CEO'S Are Also Voters ! And Given Donations They Have A Right To Speak Up On What's Wrong About What Republicans Are Doing Stopping Blacks And Brown's People From Voting !

  • The worst mass shooting that Texas has ever endured is Waco Texas we know who’s doing false flag shooting! The government did apologize for doing that mass shooting to the public. Tyranny, Fabian Socialism, Red Flag and more tyranny bull crap coming out from our radicalized government. All this in preparation for a gun grab. Come December you will have no passports or a COVID pass and no gun ownership no fishing or farm rights unless you comply. The government does mass shootings we know this, the government gets more tyrannical and does public apologies and we’re not excepting any more fake apologies or murder from these people. When I mention to people that there is simply just gonna be constant murder and mass shootings in the news, until they get this HR bill passed people do know what I’m talking about, I can hear their heart’s sink through the microphone. The government is the rebel force and we are simply just trying to maintain... society we live in a society....

  • You want to find a video with no substance? Look no further...

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  • They don't need to know what is in the law. they know why you are doing it.

    • ​@Win Big with Lena & Mike Perhaps a little more education would help you understand the point I was making. A friend might be able to help as well.

    • Please don’t procreate, we have enough dummies like you.



  • All r wrong PPL u should not mess wit r RITES or are rite to VOTE WE the PPL will STAND TOGETHER n FIGHT this TRUMP lost the ELECTION n there was no VOTER FRAUD

  • Dont mess with Texas. Race baiters beware. If you dont like Texas get the f#ck out

  • It's easy to vote. Period.

  • If more States put in Law, to show an ID to vote...don't be surprise, if Biden Administration, quickly stops the flood of migrants at the border.

    • @Mac Mcleod We can figure this out together. people who post news post call it the memory whole. This is bury stories is like all the kids smugglers in Michigan right now

    • @Richard Hammond you'r right. i have it backwards. it's 12%. Google "u.s. demographics by race" So 1 in 8. So it could have been 2 in 16. but it could also be 1 in 16 or 3 in 16. but I agree the journal could have a point.

    • @Mac Mcleod Yeah you’re wrong you’re gonna have to use ( the way back machine.) It hit just about every news station said that Canada was tampering with the US elections (NY) mostly within 24 hours they made up some story about Venezuela, tampering with the elections. So that’s Is the approximate time your looking for. Next time just pay attention to the news When it first comes out, of course they erased it genius.

    • @Richard Hammond I don't see any reference to what you're talkin about in any of the major news media using standard search engines. I see references to Canada combating election interference by Russia and I see someone may have engaged in election fraud back in 2019 a particular candidate. Otherwise it is not quote all over the news end quote.

    • @RogerM we just had a giant election with one citizen one vote and Republicans tried to overturn the results of that election end-stage and insurrection. I agree every voter in America should vote. It should be easy for them to legally vote. We should not be putting up artificial barriers to US citizens voting. Voter ID is fine but not voter ID combined with closing identification offices all but four days a year. Or the cost of a voter identification card being a poll tax. Voter ID cards should be free and there should be a day's vacation to go get them and voting day should be a national holiday.

  • How it's possible for a Western country like the USA, to allow voters without showing and ID, to vote?

    • @Jared Dauer Who doesn't have an id you need one to do anything like a job

    • It's not so easy for everyone to get an ID, especially minorities. Repubs don't want everyone to vote. They'll never win again if they allow everyone easy voting access. Simple as that.

  • I'm from Europe, and the Media here is also biased for the Democrats. And I thought how strange it was, they not having more cover of these new Georgia voter Laws. I wonder why...maybe for the fact that some Democrats being associating the use of an ID to vote, as "racist" and "voting suppression". While here in Europe you need an ID to vote. Maybe that's why in our elections, it's quite rare to talk about voter fraud.

  • The Media is questioning the use of IDs to vote? Bet how they need to show their IDs when arriving to work.

    • This not about IDs, moron. They are limiting voting opportunities on purpose.

  • What a lie these 2 so called women are pushing. Let bussinesses leave texas then they can pay taxes in a demoratic state. Leave texas snpwflakes

  • Like us PATRIOTS believe your bulls@it fact check

  • you pass a new law and say essentially that nothing has changed. good heavens. well, let the GOP be. blessings to all

  • Geez, republicans get mad when their corporate overlords tell them no. This serves them right for being this blatant with their white supremacy!!

  • But like Trump said to the Secretary of State in Georgia!If they ask them to go find fake votes and switch them they can.And to override there loss.

    • @Yaska Gates the fact that you cannot put together a sentence in English is somehow racist?

    • @Rita Poon Trump is using the NY Shell game to rob Republicans.I hope he wipes all of them dry!

    • @Derek rowe Straight from the Klans mouth to You Tube!

    • @Rita Poon My mother was Native American Colonizer!

    • Exactly it is now legal.

  • You cannot get on an Airliner without showing ID, a police officer may ask you for ID... Do you want to buy alcohol, you may be asked to show some identification, even getting a vaccination requires an ID, "HELLO!"

    • A SAMPLING OF RECENT ELECTION FRAUD CASES FROM ACROSS THE U.S.A. The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database presents a sampling of recent proven instances of election fraud from across the country. Each and every one of the cases in this database represents an instance in which a public official, usually a prosecutor, thought it serious enough to act upon it. And each and every one ended in a finding that the individual had engaged in wrongdoing in connection with an election hoping to affect its outcome - or that the results of an election were sufficiently in question and had to be overturned. This database is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list. This database is intended to demonstrate the vulnerabilities in the election system and the many ways in which fraud is committed. 1,317 Proven instances of voter fraud 1,134 Criminal convictions 48 Civil penalties 97 Diversion program 21 Judicial finding 17 Official finding Reference: Voter Fraud Map: Election Fraud Database | The Heritage ...www.heritage.org › voterfraudExplore a sampling of recent proven instances of election fraud from across the country. The database is intended to demonstrate the vulnerabilities in the ...

    • You are completely wrong! #1 We already have voter ID laws HELLO! #2 I can use my phone to move my money around from bank to bank. It is called a Social Security Number which matches all of my information ( D.O.B. my occupation, my name, my whole entire history) without ever showing a picture i.d. #3 You know how people in Texas talk about gun laws being a "slippery slope"? What about voting laws? Nevermind a slope, it's a cliff at this point! Where does this end? Am I eventually going to have a number implanted into my arm that I must present on Tuesday afternoon between the hours of 1:00 pm and 1:10 pm just to frickin' vote? Enough! There is no fraud!!

    • If you can fill out your taxes without showing ID then it is NOT needed at the polls. Government doesn't mind taking tax money with no ID, but turns around and requires it so you can exercise your right vote. Yes makes great sense 🙄.

  • Now compare Georgia and Colorado to see how "woke" the MLB actually is. They are moving from a mostly black region to a mostly white region. I'm sure all those black business owners love that kind of wokeness

  • Media fake news once again

  • By the time the election comes around the Democratic Party will have another way to cheat. Beijing Biden is here to stay till China has a better replacement ...

  • Texas florida Georgia upholding the laws following the constitution allowing people to work and keep there rights GOOD FOR THEM

    • Texas Florida Georgia engaging in voter suppression laws based on lies upon lies upon lies upon lies. Oppression of We The People, and it's sick.🤢

  • You should’ve coordinated with the governor of Georgia you’re both could’ve got on TV and whined about companies at the same time

    • @trainwreck told ya or maybe you should be like all Mitch and take all the money in the world from every large corporation that you can get your hands on but as soon as they grow a conscience and start talking to you about what you should do it’s all “ stay out of politics “

    • I want a job at Coca-Cola. Reckon they'll need an id? Surely not. That would be racist

  • Here’s a thought. No money from business to the parties. All elections paid for by local and national taxes. Equal airtime, equal ad budgets. Then the political parties can act in the way they feel their voters want and not what business wants for fear of losing funding

    • @Truth Seeker And term limits for the Supreme Court, applied retroactively to the current Justices.

    • Plus term limits, no lobbyist or corporate donations.

    • Add 2 year term for all of federal, state, and local governments and make it 2 term limit in a lifetime. Americans needs solutions not stagnant chatter.

  • NBC works for the DNC.

    • Newsmax, OAN, and Fox work for your fuhrer and his corrupt cronies.

  • The negative media distortions have become so commonplace that I believe the average man on Main Street in Summit County is overwhelmed with a daily sense of dread, making him unjustifiably fearful of a fatal outcome if he leaves his house.

  • If NOTHING has change...good, nothing for you GOPs to worry about. BUT ALL business, ALL, have a choice, it’s their prerogative to make Changes in their Company. It’s their right to do so, just as it’s your right to NOT accept the 2020 result, it goes both ways🤒

  • Today, however, we are not receiving accurate, timely information from the press. Instead, I believe the media is facilitating - even fabricating - the news we receive and, aided by big tech companies in Silicon Valley, is able to dangerously censor the flow of information to the people. Misinformation, restricted data, political censorship and fake news have given way more power to those who possess the microphone in our culture than the Bill of Rights ever envisioned. The most obvious example of this information obfuscation is how the media has paralyzed America and Summit County with death and fear over the past year with inflammatory rhetoric and politicization of the pandemic that is keeping our country, state and county locked down and our people under government control.

  • Republican legislators backed a liar and a thief for four years. Trump demonized immigrants, put them in cages, separated children from their parents, appointed a U.S. postal service head who removed mail boxes and machines to restrict voting, etc. etc., he threatened election officials in swing states all in a bid to overturn the 2020 election results, he promoted the 'BIG LIE' that the elections were stolen and inspired an attempted coup on the nation's capital. Yet, these "Election Law Reforms" by these Republicans, who backed the "liar-in-chief", are supposed to be seen as promoting "free" and "fair" elections. Really?

    • @trainwreck told ya It gets more difficult to buy cigarettes, even with I.D., if there are fewer places where you can get them. Now, what does this remind you of -- voter suppression laws.

    • Try to buy a cigarette or get a job without I.d.

  • Conservative Republicans are Marxist fascist racist deep state globalist Illuminati traitors child traffickers child molesters Chinese communist party agents

  • He clearly said write with a pen witch means his bill is not real

  • You are afraid of fair elections. Afraid. Afraid. Afraid. You are afraid of fair elections.

  • He needs to get OUT OF POLITICS ASAP!!!!

    • ​@Phillip Pux Lucas move on! Show your ID and you can vote, simple!

    • Absolutely! He will fight against any new gun laws but has no interest in the right to vote. I live in Harris County and the only reason for more voting restrictions is because he can't win in Harris County. Very similar to Georgia attacking Atlanta and Fulton County. It is so obvious it is not even funny

    • Absolutely and up for election in 2022!!

    • Asap 😒🙄

  • So who is afraid of fair elections ?

    • GOP duh

    • @trainwreck told ya Nobody ever said that. I'm not sure if you're trolling or if you're actually stupid enough to believe that. Either way... Incorrect.

    • RepubliKKKans who got voted out. They're losing so badly, they want to make it harder to vote by making it a crime to give voters water. It's literally so obviously wrong, it was an easy choice for these corporations. Cheating and lying are basic GOP tools now...

    • Those who say it's racist to require an id. You can't even buy a beer or a cigarette with one.

    • Half the people in the comments section I guess

  • Republicans need to stay out of politics, they are destroying America.

  • Le Parti républicain est un parti en perdition! Ce parti est mort idéologiquement, moralement et intellectuellement!

  • If the voting bills change nothing why pass them? Something tells me Dan Patrick is the one lying. 😁

    • @trainwreck told ya The one who doesn't know what he's talking about is you. My reply was in response to what the guy said in the video. Try watching it. 🤣

    • @SourDoughBill anyone ever told you that you don't know what you're talking about. Try reading it

    • @trainwreck told ya For it to be easier now, it would have had to have been made harder during the pandemic. Anyone ever told ya you're a trainwreck of a liar? 😁

    • @trainwreck told ya And you probably live in a GOP run district. Lots of polling places and no long lines. Texas has the most restrictive rules for absentee ballots in the country and wants to make it even harder.

    • They changed them temporarily for the covid outbreak. It's actually easier to vote now. Yes, I live in Georgia

  • The Republican Party is a party in distress. This party is ideologically, morally and intellectually dead!

    • If your voters are too dumb to get an I.d. , I wouldn't bring up intellectual anything

    • 🥴 The only way they are in distress, is how they are being censored for hurting Democrats feelings, y’all are just perpetually butt hurt

  • Its funny when we cut the pipeline deal for future Generations Republicans Could not Stand losing a few thousand jobs. Wonder how many jobs Coke and MLB have taken out of the south now.

    • In Texas, people sell mom and pop beers in stores. I'm sure we will be just fine. Plus, MLB are throwing poor minority comminuties under the bus to go play in Colorado, a very white comminuty. Maybe, they really don't care they just want the media attention. ~ Texan Asian

  • Republicans trying to make sure next time trump runs he can win for once lmao do they not know he going to jail I wonder

    • @Amazing FC they would have brought it up in the impeachment trial even if it wasn’t related to his presidency. There’s much more legally binding things that Biden has done compared to trump. Just accept the fact that trump won’t go to jail. Clinton too, she’s a criminal

    • @Sean Gust Trump is likely to be jailed for his criminal activities before becoming POTUS.

    • I'm required to have an id to do basically everything. Why is voting the only thing It's considered racist? It's ridiculous. If you think black people aren't capable as everyone else, you're a white supremacist.

    • Y’all keep saying he’s going to jail lol but y’all can’t even tell us how Trump is racist without quoting something you heard on TV, so... sorry sweetheart trump won’t be going to jail, if there was a reason for him to, y’all would have succeeded atleast once in the two pathetic impeachment attempts. Biden went against federal law doing what he did at the border. He is more likely to go to jail than Trump is