Black, Religious Leaders Pushing To Get Vaccine To Underserved Communities | NBC News NOW

Birt 19 feb 2021
NBC News' Chris Jansing speaks to community leaders in Florida about their efforts to increase the amounts of Vaccine doses to Black and underserved communities.
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Black, Religious Leaders Pushing To Get Vaccine To Underserved Communities | NBC News NOW


  • NBC news please ban disgusting haters from the comments section

  • You trust the government!? 😂 roll up those sleeves!

  • Don't take the jab people. Don't do it.

  • Religious leaders are selling out for money! Nothing new... This subject on my channel: Forced Covid19 Vaccine Passports The New Intelligent Racial Apartheid Will Heavily Hurt Black People

  • 512,590 takes the US well over the grim half a million Covid death milestone. After 12 months New Zealand has suffered 26 Covid deaths. New Zealand proved social distancing, hand washing and wearing masks saves lives. Trump's "Do nothing" pandemic strategy is written down in history as America's biggest failure.

  • US Media need to interview New Zealand and Taiwan pandemic experts. CDC briefings would benefit from zoom connected global advisers. Covid variants = US has 10 variants, UK 2, South Africa 1, Brazil 1 and China 1. 2020 the virus possibly originated in China. 2021 there is no debate the virus is from US.

  • ☠Poison☠💉

  • Black communities aren't getting shots because we can't get over to the locations, it's because there is a huge lack of trust. Many members of the community don't trust the church either, so I don't see this going anywhere. Getting justice against police brutality is like pulling teeth, so why is there concern now?

  • well i thought it's "undeserved"

  • I took the Moderna vaccine. I had side effects for both doses the day after. First dose, I had heavy fatigue, chills, lasted all day. Second dose, I had mild body aches and a fever, only lasted maybe half a day.

    • @Alexandra Wilson they’re not haters, they’re idiots.

    • Why can’t these disgusting haters just take the vaccine and realize that the side effects are normal

  • Florida governor only cares about white people.

  • I'm not black, and I reserve the right to excommunicate them from this Church.

  • Haha religious leadership? Pushing for a SYMPTOM CURE for something far more insidious that manifested the pandemic. Sad. NOT SHAD DURACK ... MEEEEEESHACK .. nor Abednego. What punks.

  • Full-on scam

  • How do u know how many ppl in an entire state have been vaccinated or not?

    • Doctors illegally sharing medical information?

  • .For the ruling elites it is a NEW mental, social and economic RESET, but for humanity it is mental, social and economic destruction, and it will be the same human beings that MAL-DECIDA-MENTE would destroy themselves if THE MASS AWAKENING IT IS NOT COMING SOON ... IT IS ALREADY DECIDING ON WHICH SIDE YOU ARE BECAUSE THE SAMPLES OF THE DNA OF THE ALLEGED "HUMANITY DIGITIZED" IS ALREADY IN BIOLOGICAL FREEZERS ...

  • The same US 🇺🇸 government that has ALWAYS intentionally done EVERYTHING to harm Blacks is all of a sudden concerned about us. 🙄 These Black pastors should NOT being pushing vaccines BUT fighting for Ivermectin prescriptions (prophylactic & treatment) that kills the virus. They should also be fighting for pure reparations for American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS). And NOT the horrible HR40. Quit accepting information from people who hate you & do the research to find out what these so-called vaccines really are. Stop selling out your people.

  • So he said we lock down first and longest, yet they have a serious major breakout. So lockdowns dont work, right. If they did work they should have lower numbers, YET.

  • Dont do it, if you ever want to have children I would get this vaccine. They have no idea what this could do to you 10, 20, 30 , yrs from now.

  • A lot of people dont trust or want your drugs. Plus why only on this vaccine does everyone need to be vaccinated. You know with the flu it's like 60% is all that's needed.

  • Stop making this a racial thing (media) i just saw a CNN report that white people who are not wealthy are upset they cant get the vaccine in Florida

  • I'm on hospice and the care ladies don't want the vaccine, they don't trust it. They are tested here twice weekly for Covid. If you want them vaccinated you'll have to earn their trust. God protect them from this virus.

  • Communalism is way of life that should be thee way of life, community strong and knowledge from all the community!

  • I am Elder which means I'm a pastor I'm a possum I'm a True Believer of Jesus Christ I'mma tell everybody it's watch this that's a false prophet telling me what is $250,000 in bring the vaccines them now what it should have been telling him his brain your Fox to them because the Bible says if there's any Hmong you that sick letting first call the Elder he didn't tell you to go to no vaccine or have raised no money to bring the vaccines and him that's like bringing the devil to you that's right saying that God I ain't have no power God is all power is power in the name of Jesus there is healing in the name of Jesus I rebuke this vaccines at their kind of put up on the world cuz God ain't never told you to turn to him but that turned to him and he said turn to me he said man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that God is a most powerful God stop relying on man devices to think that you can be healed they'll come around with all these medicines and everything to make you sick but if you just turned to Jesus you can be healed I remember the day when he fed the multitude of 5,000 that and he said when he fed the 5000 they said when they was sick they was also healed Bible don't tell me to turn to man for nothing Bible tells me to turn to Jesus Jesus wake up Fox wake up Jesus is the only way one Lord One Faith one baptism says in the book of Acts 12:4 and 12 that neither is near another name under Heaven whereby Med must be safe that can you understand that back stinging Ain't Gonna Save You vaccine ain't going to heal you my Jesus can heal you

    • This is got me riled up these false prophets coming out telling people that they need to turn to the devil's way that was weighing on the hill nobody taking man devices wake up folks get real if you call yourself a Believer use the power that Jesus gave me he said he that believeth on me these signs shall follow them they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall be cast out demons get real if you believe me start doing more than what he said Caspar male hands on the sick and watch them be recovered

    • Apostle apostle

  • Religion shouldn't be a way of communication, stick to science based facts and leaders that can be trusted, religious or not but I'm sick of religion, it's such a childish way to convince anyone of anything.

  • This man i not true man God .God dose not need vaccine to heal for there is no other name that can be saved call jesus stop putting in the seat wake people God still here

  • Don’t take that shot ppl pl god said who will stand on his word n said to Liv by ever word that come from him he didn’t say men. Be careful ppl of the devil ways don’t take that shot god never said we will need a shot to Liv here stand by god all the way. N he said who will stand on his word. Stay n stand with god be bless my sister n brother my god be with u all.


  • cause they want the church back open so they steal more money from people thats why they pushing it

  • Everyone administering the genocide vaccine better learn the Golden Rule is real.

  • What about new virus!

  • Black people should be mortified that the government is pushing to have them vaccinated over old people and essential workers. I would wonder what these vaccine people are really pushing..especially, since you cannot hold them responsible for death caused by their vaccine. There is no data, at all, on long term side effects; we are being used as guinea pigs.

  • 💉 🐍 =eternal 💀. Imervectin is the cure.

  • *Whistleblower:* 8 of 31 Residents Dead in German Nursing Home After They Were Forcibly Injected

  • Wait for the rest of us.

  • Umm please find another word to describe brown people...

  • Exactly Right brother 👍👍❤️ Working together is the SOLUTION NOT JUST GOVERNMENT Alone EveryOne has to do its Part

  • I thought dis was Nightly News


  • Moses didn't lie to his people during the plagues of Egypt. These people do not follow the religion that God revealed.

    • Please don't pass your opinions as fact

    • @Dee Zimmo LIES!!!!!!!!

    • It is a fact that the "plagues of Egypt" was caused by volcanic activity..there is no sky daddy to save you.

  • God is here and he is going to help people because he is the only one who can help and Allah Aman

    • @Glen Villanueva Allah?! 😂🤣😂, WS OD At a Rate of THOUSANDS a Day, I THANK TMH for That (we not go mention covid, wink, wink)The god WP LIE about Coming to Save Everybody. The one WS say Loves Everybody. Your White Jesus who's WP Pray to All the Time. The Pope just gave up ONE OF HIS MAIN TITLES... White Jesus is Being REVEALED for the Fraud wp made him out to BE. How's White Jesus working out for you now? Allah is NOT MY God🤷🏾‍♀️, where you get That FROM? 😂🤣😂

    • @Glen Villanueva Just bc the enemies tell you a lie to your face doesn't make it true. foh

    • @Mz Jazzy 4areason 2.0 Post a video your allah is helping please.

    • @Glen Villanueva Yes he have, Who's the most Victims? It ain't FBA.

    • 2.45 M death later, your god/allah still has done nothing...

  • Markk zZUCKERBERG vaccines vaccines vaccines ! Bill Gates and George Soros predicted the shutdown before it happened, ALL PREPLANNED Universal income aka Stimulus checks

  • What crazy is the blatant push to get minorities to get this thing no one really wants. They say even if you get the vaccine you can still transmit the virus. Do it doesn’t stop the transmission nor does it stop the virus. The virus thst the majority of people have mild symptoms. But wait, even after you are vaccinated you still have mask and socially distance. 🤪. Behavioural science would say people will just stop wearing masks, etc..... The vaccine is approved for EMERGENCY POWERS. a big difference

  • 🌻

  • only minorities and the elderly should take the vaccine, because covid and white supremacy

  • Cuomo murdered thousands, but let’s focus on Cruz’s vacation..

  • They need to go to the back of the bus.