How Amazon Warehouses Could Shape The Future Of Blue-Collar Workers | NBC News NOW

Birt 7 apr 2021
Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama, await the results of a vote to unionize as online sales continue to surge during the pandemic. NBC News’ Stephanie Ruhle explains how consumer demand could turn the warehouse worker into the blue-collar job of the future.
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How Amazon Warehouses Could Shape The Future Of Blue-Collar Workers | NBC News NOW


  • They hire people every day because they fire people everyday

  • Warehouse work is slave work. Why would anyone want that to be the future. Skilled workers are the future.

  • Another race to the bottom

  • The union vote wasn't even close! All the media hype about how poorly Amazon workers are treated didn't match with how Amazon workers actually feel. Amazon pays a base $15per hour entry position wage, 401k, medical, dental, paid vacation, and stock options. I guess the workers are much happier then the media portrays the situation.

  • Lol ... "They pay a whole lot in taxes" In reference to what? How much my toddler pays?

  • 1:24 There is no way this person is a robotic tech. She's just using a tablet in a warehouse. At most it is a robot operator. Amazon might call the job a robotic technician, but that's not what it is. A real robotics tech would test and troubleshoot, run diagnostics, program the robots, use diagrams, disassemble and fix robots, solder, connect cables, etc.

  • The new definition of woke companies and all companies should be that they provide a defined retirement, no contract workers, health care benefits, and bragging rights on how many employees the company retained for 20+ years. All of this I helped homeless once, or I stood up for progressive politics is just putting lipstick on a pig. Hire train retain take care of your employees then you will be in good standing with the people. The people must demand this of Amazon.

  • Fake! If you compare EBAY vs AMAZON Amazon they will shipping next day (not always) But Ebay is $5,$10,$20 cheaper plus you don't pay monthly subscription. 😬😬😬

    • I use EBay all the time. It’s supports the little guy.

    • Ebay is charging a fee, whether you sell or not. Amazon only charges after your item sells. If Ebay removed the initial fee, and only charged if you sell, Ebay would be a clear winner.

  • Automation is coming, machines dont ask for raises and they dont catch covid

  • Propaganda, direct from the plutocrats.... Putting a nice face on worker exploitation and corporate greed.

  • Do you realize how many small businesses Amazon has crushed? Those small businesses actually paid their fair share of taxes.

  • They do not pay a whole lot of taxes

  • “Future of blue color work” Meanwhile, they’re implementing AI and robotics to replace everyone.

  • Unionize with militancy

  • Over the course of more than a century, worker rights have struggled forward 1 step at a time. But with Amazon Prime membership, we can take 2 steps back overnight.

    • @Greg Araujo You've obviously never paid attention to decades of Wal Marts coming to town and driving other employers out, establishing a baseline lower income worker class economy. The creating of a peasant class through desperation economics.

    • No one is forcing anyone to work at Amazon they can quit anytime and be bvb replaced by real workers

  • Boston Dynamics is developing a robotic system for Amazon right now. It will be able to replace over 95% of warehouse jobs. The rich and powerful better start figuring out a way to eliminate 1/2 of the world's population or they will be invading the Hamptons.

  • They didn’t pay taxes last year lol

  • 0:15

  • why do I have the feeling Stephanie was ordering toothpaste and toilet paper from Amazon as the report about workers played

  • Peeing in a bottle while a Robot tells you to "pick up the pace meatbag"

  • More Competitive Competition coming soon. Amazon? 🤔

  • “What the wise man does in the beginning, the fool does in the end.”Earn 30,000$ every week from your own investment. Ask me how

  • Picking robots will follow next at Amazon.

    • They already have an arsenal of over 200,000 robots that bring the stock to the pickers.

    • I agree

  • With Biden. We could go home and sit on the couch watching CNN, while we collect our Universal Income check on the mail. No need to leave home, or even having an ID.

    • @RogerM No, what I need is a government to actually do its job and implement laws that will protect its citizens. We can have a government do a lockdown and tells its citizens to put on a mask during a pandemic. Its not an all or nothing type of game here. The government tells its citizens what they can or can't do all the time depending on the circumstance and the scale of the issue. All i have to say is that the nations that did the lockdown, and wore mask had way fewer infections, deaths, and were able to open back up sooner. Where as we keep have high numbers of infections. Oh and for the record. Totalitarian regimes never begin with sheep like people. It begins when a person comes along and tells a certain part of a population a lie that they want to believe in. And the other people of that country who knows its a lie is complacent . It seems to me that people like yourself can be critical of government but not of your leader. That is how governments become totalitarians. Not because people become sheep cause some will go along with the lie and others will not. Its when that leader says and does whatever he wants and no one holds him or her accountable.

    • @vegeta ss So you the need like a sheep to the Government say to you what to do? Some Totalitarian regimes started with sheep like that.

    • @RogerM Yea you're right. He didn't flirt with the media all that much. He was too busy flirting with white nationalist and Kim Jong-un....which made Putin jealous. And yes, for some strange reason, in the middle of a pandemic, he didn't order a mask mandate nor a nationwide lock down. Which lead to a high number of deaths so....yea that happened. Golly gee, wonder why he lost.

    • @Hazel Elliot maybe when you stop using a fake profile.

    • @RogerM You are welcome ,hope we can talk sometime if you don't mind ?

  • Amazon owner makes Trillions while the workers can't get 20 bucks an hour.

    • Doctors make between $200k to $500k a year, why can’t the hospital pay the cafeteria guy $20/hr?