Brooklyn DA Dismisses Drug Convictions After Detective Accused Of Lying | NBC Nightly News

Birt 7 apr 2021
Dozens of drug convictions have been tossed out in Brooklyn, and more likely to come, because of the involvement of narcotics detective Joseph Franco. He pleaded not guilty to more than a dozen charges in 2019, including perjury, and is still awaiting trial.
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Brooklyn DA Dismisses Drug Convictions After Detective Accused Of Lying | NBC Nightly News


  • There's seems to be a lot of bad police in all departments

  • Book this abomination of a detective into general population. The ensuing events should be video taped and shown to every police dept in the country. Perhaps this can help convince all the other crooked cops to see the error in their ways

  • Welp. Another giant lawsuit for the NYPD. Never stops.

  • Lock him up for the combined jail-time of everyone convicted by Franco's deliberate lies. The p.o.s. deserves it, and not one day less.

  • NYPD does not surprise me THEY HELP their case by doing the unthinkable. If they think they have their man they will plant evidence. They are dirty and the only way to catch them is cam but THEY DONT WANT THEM EITHER!

  • That's what cop's do especially the drug infosment they think all suvilions are scum the cop's lie and the judges know this but do nothing, like Wyandotte Michigan judge Elizabeth DeSantis she held evidence and charged me for proof I had she held evidence that I was innocent.

  • The cop should be executed for treason against the American people....

  • presumption of innocence? Ya right !! This man has destroyed lives, he's going to make someone a good wife in the slammer.

  • So if franco can't be trusted he can't be a cop

  • They been doing this FOR YEARS..WHAT CHANGED..THIS IS NOT NEW THEY HAD NO MONY NO LAWYERS TO SPEAK OF THEY JUST DID THE TIME BECAUSE OF A FEW BAD COPS..PROVEN GUILTY BY SETTING THEM UP. IM SO GLAD THEY ARE FINALLY LISTENING. SO MANNNNY YOUNG MEN IN PRISON BASED ON A LIE. FOR BROWNIE POINTS. We have some bad apples but all those young men and women not guilty still sitting in prison need to be released so they can go on with life. And there are more just like these CORRUPT cops. We need POLICE. But not CORRUPT one how you gonna heal a land corrupt capture ing the CORRUPT.

  • How does it feel to have the shoes on your foot

  • Everyone hates a dirty cop

  • It just figures........but what else is new with the BLUE LIVES MATTER!!!!!


  • He needs to be put in jail and let the inevitable happens.

  • The central principle of the law and justice system is that it is preferable that the guilty go free rather than the innocent are convicted. Something America seems to have forgotten

  • Reminds me of Alonzo from Training Day. Like Alonzo, this guy likely started off doing genuinely good work but eventually became corrupted by the position. They should review these officers and audit their work every 2-3 years to ensure they are not engaging in criminal behavior. Otherwise, they will continue to act with impunity.

  • I know two dirty cops from Long Beach Ca one is Bernardo Barajas badge 6234 and Luis Ramiro Rodriguez badge 6318 they are just like the dirty detective.

  • We need to see more positive news in this world and more discipline on this corrupt cops and prosecutors that do it for money and status

  • You guys wanna get an idea of the BS that happens with New York screwing over poor people, watch the Kalief Browder story on Netflix

  • Birds of a feather 🐕🐾

  • Glad he's part of the GOVERNMENT SURPRISED LOOK 🤯

  • Crooked cops like him are despicable.

  • Chauvin is next....these liars and murders are going down