Pandemic Threatens To Make Pay Divide Between CEOs And Employees Worse | NBC Nightly News

Birt 7 apr 2021
The heads of corporations like General Electric and Starbucks received 1,000 times more pay than their average workers last year. NBC News' Cynthia McFadden speaks with one Missouri hospital worker who worked especially hard amid the pandemic without an increase in pay while the CEO who owns the hospital got a 13 percent raise.
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Pandemic Threatens To Make Pay Divide Between CEOs And Employees Worse | NBC Nightly News


  • The USA is becoming more and more like a third world country, where it's citizens are either really rich, or really poor.

  • i could never see myselfd working a 9to5 for the rest of my life...' i preach thi to my parents all the time... we deserve more...way more freedom.

  • Thats a Good guy

  • The able join simultaneously spare because pen anteriorly advise an a wealthy swordfish. accessible, successful perch

  • “CEOs willing to take the hit should stocks fall?” That’s B.S. They’ll take it out further down the chain in some form.


  • The CEO in America and the Media are Public enemy #1

  • 13 bux an hour ? If what you make only pays food and shelter, you're a slave.

  • This needs to change!! When does it ever make sense for CEOs to make 400xs more than their employees?? They used to make 40%

  • 30 million a year salary while your employees work for peanuts! Capitalist greed has no limits!

  • ..AWAKENING THRIVES DAY BY DAY! Although many people "hope" in ignorance and misinformation and resist knowing the genocidal plan of the AGENDA 2030 and prefer to continue believing that a "vaccine" will save them from the malicious acronym "CO-VID-19", the betrayal of the world governments, the stupid health and now climate threats and the mercenary and shameless attitude of the “news” media are activating a progressive AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS like never before ... THE GREAT IS TO COME, WAKE UP AND BE USEFUL!

  • But for real not everyone needs a Ferrari.

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  • "We value our colleagues... and are committed to offering competitive compensation and benefits." *Who else likes being blatantly lied to, do they think we are all idiots?* *I think as a society its time we stop letting companies openly lie to the public when they say crap like this at the moment after they do something wrong...*

  • Kind of funny how the corporations you named are all owned by Democrat supporters. Hmmm you know the party of equity and fair play. Bezos Gates Buffett and many others who are for the Democrat party but not their policies except the ones which give them the monopoly on the world. Someday the woke will wake up and hopefully before its to late. The dems are just using the minority and all this other woke b.s. to gain control. Look at Biden the dictator by his own words "a president who leads by executive order is a dictator" well then there you have it Joe DICTATOR Biden. The great unifier CMON MAN

  • Wonder how much nbc ceo makes lmfao

  • U got Covid here a $6 bucks voucher for food. Wow. That’s enough for half a meal! 🤯

    • And he can only use it at their cafeteria, so really they're only like 2 or 3 bucks out of pocket.

    • Wow. Here, Calif, it’s $3 for a large soda!! This is rediculous.

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  • We need UBI already.

  • I hope someone sees this and offers Mt.Brown. a great job. with. great pay. He obviously works hard .No increase in 2 years is rediculous. That job should start at $15.00. . That $6 voucher was. Totally wrong!. He should at least been able to eat for free for a month. All the employees should eat for free. during pandemic or. 1,/2 price. Hopefully they at least get a discount on food. always( doubt it)

  • Guillotines!



  • Average workers have LOST money since 1978 despite an increase in actual wage/salary. CEOs just buy back stock to increase their compensation. They stick around for a few years; long enough for their stock options to vest and onto the next company where they sat on a board of directors.


  • This inequality is not sustainable.

  • You need to be doing more expose on exposing these CEOs who continue to build their wealth on the backs of their working class Force. It is going on for too long and the Working Class People of this country are going to start demanding more!

  • Nothing new under the 🌞


  • Bonuses should stop for managers. Over it

  • During this pandemic anyone working in healthcare industry. Should have wages starting at 60k. They are risking their lives for the public.

  • Unionize with militancy!

  • Organization: "We value our colleagues and are committed to offering competitive compensation and benefits" Employees: "Our paychecks show that THAT was a lie." Notice that statement does not mention wages🤨

  • They don't care. They know people will work. They know workers are replaceable. The people doing the hard work shouldn't be getting 100× more than their workers. Smh. Sad s••t frfr.. smmfh

    • @Alexis TwoLastNames i agree somewhat, but the real disconnect is all the middle class jobs have been offshored, and with the HB-1 visas, 2 and 3 are now doing the job at the cost of 1 American. idk why the West decided to offload all the good to high paying technical and manufacturing jobs to a communist country during the Cold War, but i doubt this was a coincidence? pretty sure the ceo of us steel and gm made filthy bank in the 60s, but even the janitors were actual in house employees paid a decent wage.

    • @MyUserTubeAccount i think there is still a massive discrepancy between exec pay and employee pay, because ceo compensation has risen astronomically, which i’m glad they mentioned in the video. nothing wrong with compensating people accurately based on merit and skill, but it has def blown past that lol

    • janitors are doing the "hard" work? the reason people get paid what they do is based on skill... if the man in the video was one of the few people who could clean, hed make way more money. no but because just about anyone off the street can be trained to be a janitor in 30mins means a janitor isnt going to get paid what an nuclear physicist will. being a c.e.o. is an extremely hard job. the reason c.e.o.s get "paid more even when the company loses money" is because they have a contract. theyre not 'at will' employees who answered an ad in the paper. do you have any clue what it takes to rise to the top of a large corporation? most of society cannot, or will not put in the necessary qualifications.

  • Greed...... *THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL* 💯💯

  • The CEO gets paid based on profits. Their highest cost is labor, so keep it low. Compassion is gone. Down with privately owned hospitals.

    • Actually I hate these top so called executives.

  • Speak up and speak out. I’m in healthcare too and we were told we weren’t the hazard pay and that it was going to the community fund, the we were getting a bonus. That ended up being 500 “taxed” dollars which ended up around 300 after taxes. Healthcare got nothing but to put themselves at risk, be overworked, and swept to the side. I back him 100%

  • A $6 voucher. wow...

  • Give him a raise you crooks!

  • Nice piece of journalism NBC

  • The CEO of the HCA can afford to give up one years' pay, and have it redistributed to the workers across the nation.

    • @sale s I agree. We should have single payer by now.

    • He sounds all heart. This is the biggest POS Co. Their managers are promoted by cutting from safety and rights of their employees. They bank on PR to make them appear legit. It's a shame companies like this are allowed in the Healthcare industry

    • He actually did that very thing last year.

  • Unions have been gutted in the US, so that corporations could sell our work down the river. Let’s be honest.

  • Yet i am expected to go above and beyond for a job lol.

  • This is why people need UNIONS

    • @TriUnion Films where would IATSE and the other Flim workers have been with out Unions ? Lots have benefited . The Mob. Everyone 🤪🤪🤪🙏🙏🙏

    • @TriUnion Films thanks

    • @TriUnion Films corporate responsibility

    • Or personal responsibility... 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Unchecked capitalism.

  • Because of clowns like you guys who lie about the virus and leave Costco open while the schools remain closed!

  • $6 vouchers. Wow. You a rich man now

  • 15 minimum wage and union yes.

    • Fine that ceo. Send naughty mail to there home

    • Id just take union with stock options

  • Very wrong! Workers need to be paid a fair.Wage.

  • Boycott all jobs for a couple of days.

  • Excellent report!! We need more of this! Thank you.

  • What crap! The employees are the ones making their business successful.

  • And the American people are going crazy for thump and the Republicans who don't care about they only there rich friends you have no free medical care your pay is only to let you stay alive the Republicans still want there slave to make them rich see how stop you from getting 15$ an hr but they give tax breaks to there rich friends

  • Lots of hospital companies did the same thing in AZ. Though very few did give hazard pay and a bonus, some did not. People in the direct field dealing with the constant struggles of COVID-19 were not appropriated. But somewhere high up the chain, someone’s income was greatly increased. Staff breaking there backs physically were lucky to keep a job and just get paid. This is wrong, I feel Exploited as a healthcare work and so do many other.

  • The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.

  • This has been happening for I guess to get people and businesses to do the right thing is to put them on blast on the news for the world to see🤷‍♀️ and then u 👀 changes, SMH 🙄😔

    • @cohen860 Exactly people of color.....My Point

    • No, this has not been happening for "centuries". I grew up in the 60s and the ratio of average worker salary to CEO was far, far less. And, when productivity went up so did salaries. Of course, unions were strong then. We are living in a second Gilded Age and we must work to change things. Things CAN be better but first we need to all be aware of what is happening - and that things have been different and can be different again. Of course, next time around we must include women and people-of-color in the gains.

  • Looks like Covid is the rich colonials new small pox blanket for everyone. And that will be 50 dollars for the cure, thank you very much!

  • Wow!! #demorats are finally admitting it... #TRUMP was the best President ever! His business sense, his executive orders, his foreign policies were spot on!!

    • @Rob Donaldson: It looks like you know trash. It's on you.

    • @Rob Donaldson Ya, "The best" at losing by the biggest Historic numbers in United States History.

    • @Rob Donaldson You lie.

    • #TrumpForJail2021 🔐

    • Hmm, since your don't pay attention. Biden's Commerce Secretary Raimondo admitted Trump's foreign policy was Spot On. Plus, Biden gas ordered the continuing of building THE WALL on the southern border. TRUMP was the Best, and you voted for this trash.

  • I didn't get hazard pay either and I'm a cleaner for offices


  • Corporate greed is why their taxes need to increase to fund the repairing of the nation.

  • 30million a year? Pfft, what a joke, you cant even spend 30million a year 😒 His bank account lookin like my gta 5 character You wanna do some good? redistribute some of that money back into your workforce to people who you can actually put it to good use

    • I saw a guy with 2-3 girlfriends spend 10 milly in a couple years so I’m sure it’s possible

  • It’s always, unless much more jobs available, things never get better

  • Sounds like henrico County in va..we're suppose to risk our lives cleaning..for what chump change..we put our lives at risk everyday and yet we're looked at lower skill

    • Well, it doesn't require skill. You get paid for your skill. No skill equals no pay.

  • Sad.

  • Redfin gets my business.

  • that is the usa, only care about destroying weak countries, torturing people, stealing resources from other countries.

  • By

  • Thirteen bucks an hour is a crime.

    • @ISchats Censors under paid workers are using your tax benefits aka food stamps and medical. The guy over weight 1 heart attack means 100k in Medicare bills that the public will be paying

    • @ISchats Censors why have full-time workers be practically homeless. It's about making a living.

    • Why should a worker be overpaid for their labor?